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Being a native of Colorado, I have grown to enjoy many aspects of the outdoors. For much of my life my hunting, fishing, hiking Colorado's 14,000' peaks and playing hockey defined who I was. Although I can look back on life and see where God used different people and circumstances to affect the most important choice that I would make for Him one day, it was in my early 30's when I realized I had to make Him my everything. I am no longer identified by those things that I once lived for, but am identified as one of the Sons of God as Christ has lovingly and by His grace, chosen me to live for Him and to share with others the truth about His love and desire for them.


Much of society today has a general understanding that Christianity and Catholicism are religions sharing similar principles, if not the same beliefs altogether. This can be attributed to society’s lack of understanding and/or believing what the Holy Bible (Scripture) reveals … Continue reading

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Love, it is such a beautiful and perfect thing as it was intended to be by God. Scripture has made this clear throughout its pages, as love is central to God’s character and central to the lives that He desires … Continue reading

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Why and who…are they not two questions that our souls are challenged with in our lack of understanding as to why tragedy occurs? When we ask why, are we asking if someone or something is responsible for the tragic events … Continue reading

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Animals have served a role on this earth since God first created the fish of the sea and the birds of the air on the fifth day of creation.  On the sixth day, God created the beasts of the earth … Continue reading

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Throughout life, I have heard and I have read so much about the immensity of love that God has for me and for us all. This life holds many enjoyable blessings and there is also so much pain. God’s love … Continue reading

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Judgment, it is a word that evokes various considerations and emotions amongst those who hear it.  We consistently hear the phrase that we are not to judge.  Although there is some truth to that, this statement has led the majority … Continue reading

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What does the Bible mean to you?  What is the heart of God’s word and why are we, as believers, placed here on this earth?  These are key questions to our faith and questions that far too many professing believers may … Continue reading

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